Monday, April 9, 2012

Space Sheriff Gavan Episode 1 to 5

We're gonna be seeing this line a lot...

Hey guys,

Remember when we promised subbing Gavan would be a thing? Well, Midnight Crew Subs, together with Bunnyhat, is proud to present the first five episodes of Space Sheriff Gavan in glorious... 80's quality!

For those of you who don't know, Space Sheriff Gavan is a landmark show in many ways. For one, it was the last show to feature tokusatsu legend Kenji Ohba as a main protagonist. It was also the first show of the later named Metal Heroes genre of tokusatu, the first show of the Space Sheriff Trilogy (very relevant for our Sharivan subs) and it debuted a large number of special effects that would become staples of the genre for years to come.

Without further ado and under the name of Midnight Bunnies (MCS and BH, aren't we clever?), we are proud to present: Space Sheriff Gavan.

Each episode will have an mkv and softsub script. That way, everyone will be able to just use the script for whatever fileformat they want. We did this because some of you asked to make our releases easier to play, but naturally, we can't make five versions of every episode.

Episode 1: In which necessary exposition is exposed.

Episode 2: In which the Makuu try to steal Mount Fuji... wait what?

And here's a torrent for all five and our earlier CM.

As always, we hope you enjoy this fine release.

We would like to thank the following people for their hard work.

Fortmax from BunnyHat ( for starting Gavan and still providing raws.
Zetta from the Midnight Crew for translating Gavan.
Kilowog from the Midnight Crew for QC.
SgtKira from HikariSenshi ( for additional QC and encoding.


  1. Thank you, MCS, BH and H-S!


    "Fortmax from HikariSenshi" & "SgtKira from BunnyHat" - back then Fortmax was from Bunny Hat and sgtkira from Hikari Senshi. Looks like it swaped. No problem for me though.

  2. yeah that was goof, fixed now

  3. Are there going to be AVIs?

    1. Nope.

      mp4's, maybe.

      This isn't 2005.

  4. Okay, I downloaded. How do I watch it now?

    1. Did you try double clicking the file?

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  7. will there be more episodes of Gavan?

  8. Please re-upload these five episodes. Torrent is dead. Rapidgator links are dead .Ive been looking for this series forever.

  9. Hey, just a heads-up, the DDLs don't seem to be working. I'm having to resort to a couple episodes on Youtube with pretty crappy subs (you know, the ones you find around the Internet that seem to be subbed by people who don't speak Japanese or English)--which is a shame, because this show looks pretty badass.

    Anyway, I'm sure you're busy with your active projects, so just so you know.

  10. thank you
    can you upload all episode of gavan
    i want to watch all episode